Entry #19

Request art challenge

2015-08-21 11:06:58 by max4000

So i've been bored and got nothing to inspire me to draws but trying to recreate Maxer to a more fresh model. So i decided to draw YOUR characters for free. One person at a time, just leave me details down the comments and I'll put it on NG


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2016-02-14 06:53:10

Can you do a remake of my character

max4000 responds:

Madness style?


2016-02-21 06:31:05

Yeah thanks

max4000 responds:

Working on it and please PM some details and i'll do it, amd hope you don't mind pencil


2016-04-26 12:43:34

Still waiting for character m8

max4000 responds:

Struggling in studying atm, barely have any break, if does ends up sleeping (cuz the ass-hurting long school time worn me out)