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hey look there's a dragonclaw hook

well the animation was great and all though the art not of my type but I'll let it slide

That is so cold yet it so hillarious

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the dialog is funny and entertaining for me to listen to with the nice voice acting. The gameplay is very Darkest Dungeon but seriously needs some more things to cut down the lust in fights. Though unforgiving that game is, there are still minor things to ease up the stress, not relying on 2 sources to reduce the lust meter in this. While the animations are nice, some can get old very quick like the goblin's lust attack, best to keep them short and snappy so we can rely on the speed up feature less

So start with the art design. What I don't like about is Faelyne's face shape, it doesn't match with her body, she looks the part of a nimble ranger and all but her face does not tell that, it looks too chubby for her body. Gabriella got away with that since she's the "big tank" type so the face shape fits her, not so much on Faelyne. Vermillya is also somewhere in the middle, maybe give her like a cheek lift and she would look fine, Faelyne is a bit dire to have a less chubby face so it fits her body
As for gameplay, it's can get repetitive rather fast. It's simple and straight forward so it's good there. But then comes the duration of the buff/debuff duration, it's really short to the point of next to useless, you can't have say, Vermillya to knock down the enemy's defense so she can deal extra damage next turn so it's quite pointless on top of the low debuff she gives out. Gabriella's defense boost is also up there, sure she can tank hits but the enemies are just gonna attack the other 2 anyway, making it redundant on top of it's short duration, maybe when she uses it, all enemies will go and attack her for the duration of the buff. The enemies are fine except for the wolves who can and will continuously spam blade dance which can shred characters unless Gabriella is high level enough to outheal the damage

gameplay is ok, though Samara's skill icon needs some works on since most of them is the same icon, while at it, the boob physics is janked

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This is amazing. Love the beat. Love the song. This literally sound like glory like the name of the song and yet still similar to the older one but better this is great since likely anyone would like a remix of a same song but I like this

This song, I don't know what to say here. It just, so good just in one take and..... GOD! I don't know which words to say how good this song is. Just.... wow! It really does show your emotions and I really like this piece. your the best none-lyric musicant i know

Well, ot is an 8-bit and it.... quite good. Since I never hear 8-bit songs but this is very very good. So i just gonna give 5 star for this

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This could be a fun little minigame

for the longest time, I never thought Hank's has a smiley on his chest piece, also, amazing work, looking forward with Sanford and Deimos

very promising, hopefully challenging to fight too

everybody can be criticized by some one. But i can sure you I'll give you the right ideas and errors

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