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Never feel old with Madness

Spaderz responds:


hey look there's a dragonclaw hook

well the animation was great and all though the art not of my type but I'll let it slide

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Look the game is doable and kinda rewarding but there is a line between challenging and absolute god like timing to win. I managed to get to the last outfit and won it but i wasn't satisfied, i felt relief and realized my table is now cup holders. Decent game, yes, satisfying, barely

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There's a bug where Lust just sorta insta-die in the 2nd combat turn and how do you learn crafting recipes?

knotgames responds:

Not a bug... He's not very good at fights but he still tries hard... Too hard.
Recipes are not included yet.

need a whole lots of improvements, it's a decent game but it's totally blown out of the water by Nexus

Pr0tagonist responds:

I don't doubt it, since I'm still an amateur.

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This is amazing. Love the beat. Love the song. This literally sound like glory like the name of the song and yet still similar to the older one but better this is great since likely anyone would like a remix of a same song but I like this

This song, I don't know what to say here. It just, so good just in one take and..... GOD! I don't know which words to say how good this song is. Just.... wow! It really does show your emotions and I really like this piece. your the best none-lyric musicant i know

Well, ot is an 8-bit and it.... quite good. Since I never hear 8-bit songs but this is very very good. So i just gonna give 5 star for this

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for the longest time, I never thought Hank's has a smiley on his chest piece, also, amazing work, looking forward with Sanford and Deimos

very promising, hopefully challenging to fight too

I hope this version gets in cause it's kinda cool, bit animalistic here and cybernetic there and you got an threatening creature to shoot

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everybody can be criticized by some one. But i can sure you I'll give you the right ideas and errors

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