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everybody can be criticized by some one. But i can sure you I'll give you the right ideas and errors

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max4000's News

Posted by max4000 - August 21st, 2015

So i've been bored and got nothing to inspire me to draws but trying to recreate Maxer to a more fresh model. So i decided to draw YOUR characters for free. One person at a time, just leave me details down the comments and I'll put it on NG

Posted by max4000 - October 2nd, 2014

So it's October and it's going to be Halloween. Yaaaaaaa.... nah. Look I'm an artist and as well a writer and I just had hell of a freaking week. Yes I know it's early but I can't make up my mind of drawing or writing. If art then maybe I'll light up about the mystery behind Maxer's power and the spririt he possesses. Or write a side-story (not much relevant with "Madness Diary" (check my old news)) of horror but what should be about? Zombies, ghost, killer, dark magic....? So which one do you guys want to see from me on Halloween?

Posted by max4000 - August 30th, 2014

I lost my FB account so I had to make the new one. Still I made another art

Posted by max4000 - March 15th, 2014

Ok so "Madness Diary" is not over yet. there a new chapter comming up. But I didn't post on cause the name "Madness Diary" seem lame to me. Can anyone suggest me a new name for it? If anyone haven't read then check my previous posts

Posted by max4000 - November 11th, 2013

Well.... Dota2 is really threw me into the thrill here. And I got addicted with the game. Been playing like 3 months now. I started to play since I keep on hearing people talk about Dota over and over and I wanted to know people like it so much. At first i start to see is so lame since I keep on dying. Then a friend told me to watch the guide and I watch Chaos Knight guilde and then won for the 1st time. It got the thrill on me since that win, it was amazing and I just keep on playing it

Posted by max4000 - August 7th, 2013

I've been playing TF2 for like 3 months now and I really want to have some fight buddies beside me. Sadly i can't link my steam over here for some reasons (which I don't know). My Steam ID is Maxer

EDIT: ok finally got the URL, feel free to add me

Posted by max4000 - March 13th, 2013

I woke up and I can feel like chains tied me up and I see all blury. _ Finaly seeing straight? - A voice sound up I shaked my head a I seeing all cleared. The person spoke to me was Sandford _ You wake yet? _ He asked _ I'm still sleepy. Just wake me up later. - I answer with a mocking tone He laughed and said: _ You're want to sleep huh? He raised his hook and another hand grabed it _ He not our enemy Sandford. Let me talk to him. - Deimos- the one to stoped Sandford said _ OK. Why is that? - I saked Deimos answered: _ Well... we have a spy in they're mens and we found out that you hate the AAHW. _ Realy? Guess you have no reason to chained me up like this. Just let me go and all is history _ We need you. _ Hank walked in with a fedora _ For what? - I started to confused _We're been informed that you're have a big arsenal and we need to learn more about the project Nexus that they're working on. -Deimos explained _ Here the deal: you get your weapons and I want to know what are they doing with me back in the arena and my freedom. - I said Deimos unchained me: _ It a deal then. I walked up to Hank and grabed the fedora: _ My damned hat! _ You got lots of guts there. - Sandford stood behind the door _ If you don't belive me then don't scew with me. - I replied _ There a library about the enemies and intels that we stold. - He talked to me when I walked away from him _ Thanks. - I replied I started to check on the enemies datas about the troops: the agents, the ATP agents, the OBVS agents. There was no intel about Nexus though so I turned to checking on maps of AAHW facilities. Deimos posted me a map of a massive facility: _ That's where your arena that you fought in and the place we going to strike He marked a room red and a room green: _ the red room is your arsenal and the green one is the intel room I put on my coat and head to the guys' arsenal where Hank gave me a silented berreta and a Bowie knife Plan has been set in motion and we headed to the facility. Hank and I droped a few feets away from the facility while Deimos and Sanford Drove to the back side. We snuck up to the door and I shot a guard with my beretta and Hank stabed the other with his sword _ We're in position Max. Ready to strike. _ Deimos radioed us I set a bomb on the door and time it 20 seconds. BOOM!!! We rushed in and start to shoot the bastards. First room was too easy, just a few idiots. The next room surprised us: a bunch of zombies ran out and I dogded and used the knife to stab it to death, I swing the upcoming zombie down and shot it. Hank stab on top of a zombie and swung himself to slice the other one. They're all dead. _ Could be the purpose of Nexus? Zombies? _ Hank confused _ No ideas. _ I also mistunderstood We head to the next room and the was 3 G0L3Ms blocking our path. Hank dashed up and hit one with his sword and grabed a shotgun to shoot it. I flip up and kick a helmet off one and punch the other one to knock it's helmet off, I stab one to death I swung hard and slice the other's head. _ Guys! The intel room is right next to you. - Deimos radioed _ I'm walking into... it??? - I was shocked, turn out the intel room is a lab _ The hell? Deimos! Are you got a wrong thing? - Hank got no different feeling with me _ There a computer here! - I shouted _ I'll hack it! Guard the door. He said I walked out and a bunch on agent ran up to me, I unloaded my beretta and dogde to grabed a rifle and shot them up. We ran up to Deimos and Sanford who waited us in the arsenal. _ Where ya think ya goin? - A voice sound up I turn around and I was shocked. Could it be the reason I been in the Nexus project?

Posted by max4000 - January 30th, 2013

My name's Maxer Derek, a 10 years soilder in the US army. After ranked as a captain I quitted the force to head home in Vietnam. Before I go I want to have a vacation some where then I found a flyer said Nevada is a nice place for a day off so I took a ticket and head there.
When the bus hit Nevada land, tragedy happened: a rocket hit the bus and the bus flew in the air then everyone die within. Luckily I survived, I crawled out of the pile of destruction and the last thing I saw was a gun barrel and the thing I heard clearly was: "Nexus"
I woke up and I found my self in a cell, funny thing is there a TV, a bed, and a computer in there. There are 3 doors: one lead to a toilet, the other is locked, and the last one lead to a hall. There a door said: "arsenal" but I got in and not a single weapon in it and right infront of the arsenal is a shop: there no shop keepers in there, just a big touch screen, there also 200$ on the table.I hit the red button and the screen show a list of available weapons and gears I can buy but they're too expensive to buy so I skipped it. The last door I see is lead to a big arena then behind those glass the a guy in a yellow mask said: "welcome to project Nexus experiment number 240182861 aka "Maxer". Please hit the button to start the battle"
I hit the button and a bunch of grunts run out to attack me. I fought back and sundenly one of them hit me by surprise with a pipe.
I woke up in that cell again and I saw under the locked door slit in some cash and then I asked: "how did I live?" A voice behind the door said: "You been killed in the fight but we can clone you when ever we needed to clone you. ". I grabed those cash and head to the shop and bought a knife. This time I walk out with the knife in the pocket, I hit the button and still those grunts running out. I beated them up and and them I saw a pipe swinging at me and I pull out the knife and block the hit, I killed the bastard. Wave ended, I walk back in and more cash on the desk. The shop got nothing good though. The sencond wave got melee grunts and I stabed them to death and I saw one with a gun and I threw the knife and it a head shot I ran up and grab the gun and shot the hell out of them.
The test lab still made me fight days after days, weeks after weeks, month after months. I am sicked of it. I got every thing: the cool hair, the bad ass fedora, the trench coat, a whole arsenal of powerful weapons. What is project Nexus? I see no reasons. One day I went on another wave and it was nothing... untill a wall blew up. Can't belived in my eyes: is Hank.J.Wimbleton- the most wanted guy of the AAHW. If get him I may hold a ticket out of here. No thinking, I charge up with my mega machete and hit him, he blocked, I kicked his chest, slam him face. Standing on his chest to end him up with a final blow, but then I felt ache in my back, pulled out, is a tranquilizer dart. I let down my guard, Hank wasn't alone, I fell and I saw Deimos-another wanted guy of the AAHW. I passed out

Posted by max4000 - December 29th, 2012

the computer fixed and I'm back to writting my story

Posted by max4000 - December 23rd, 2012

the writting is messed up so i got bored and play with clay and here the result

some craft works